Before you begin Installing the NexentaStor vCenter Plugin, verify that your environment meets the following requirements:

  • Any of the following configured and licensed vCenter Servers 6.7 U3 or VCSA 6.7 U3
  • NexentaStor 5.1.2+ appliances pre-configured with pools

    Note: To manage NexentaStor HA clusters and replication services using this vCenter plugin, these appliances must be activated with the High Availability (HA) and High Performance Replication (HPR) optional license features. For more information, see the NexentaStor 5.3 CLI Reference Guide and NexentaStor 5.2 Metro HA Admin Guide

  • Network connectivity between VMware vCenter host and the NexentaStor appliances
  • Any of the following supported browsers: Chrome or Firefox browser versions compatible with the vSphere client

For Windows vCenter Configuration

Add Windows firewall exception for inbound TCP connections, port 2003.

Note: You must have vSphere administrator privileges to install the NexentaStor 5.x vCenter plugin

For VCSA Configuration

  • Enabled SSH service on the VCSA
  • User credentials of the root account for VCSA

For NexentaStor Configuration

Verify that vCenter hostname can resolve on the NexentaStor side:

CLI@nexenta> ping <vCenter_hostname>

If vCenter hostname cannot be resolved, add the host entry:

CLI@nexenta> net create host <IP address of vCenter> <vCenter_hostname>


CLI@nexenta> net create host WIN-SCSC002MLSA