Configuring Multi-Tenancy

A tenant is a group of users who share common access and privileges to the software. The NexentaStor vCenter Plugin uses multitenant architecture, which enables you to:

  • Provide multiple tenants with role-based access to the NexentaStor 5.x appliance
  • Limit access to data, configuration, and user management on a per-tenant basis

As the vCenter Plugin administrator, you are a superuser with privileges to manage all aspects of storage arrays, tenancy, and access control. Below are instructions on how to enable multi-tenancy and assign the tenant different user roles. Table “Role-Based Access Controls” summarizes the tenant roles and corresponding access rights.

Table “Role-Based Access Controls”

RoleAccess Rights
Tenant Administrator– Rights as a File Systems Administrator
– Rights as a Backup Administrator
– Rights as an Administrator for NexentaStor appliances in a given tenant
File Systems Administrator– Rights to create, modify, and delete SMB/NFS shares
– Rights to create, modify, and delete volumes
Backup Administrator– Rights to create and schedule snapshots
– Rights to create and run backups
Read-Only User– Read-only access to the NexentaStor appliance

Configuring multi-tenancy screenshot

To enable and configure multi-tenancy, do the following:

  1. In the left Navigator pane, click Settings
  2. From the Tenancy Mode drop-down menu, select Multi tenancy
  3. Click Save
  4. To configure multi-tenancy, do the following:
    • Select the Access Control tab
    • Click the Add Tenancy icon
    • Enter a name for the Tenant and click Create
    • Click inside the fields to assign the various roles described in the “Role-Based Access Controls” table
    • Click Save to complete each role assignment