Nexenta Drivers for OpenStack Cinder

Supported OpenStack Releases

  • NexentaStor 4.x - Icehouse+
  • NexentaStor 5.x - Icehouse+
  • NexentaEdge 2.1.x - Newton+

Feature List

FeatureNexentaStor 4.xNexentaStor 5.xNexentaEdge 2.1
Create thin-provisioned volume
Create thick-provisioned volume
Create raw volume
Create qcow, qcow2, vdi, vhdx, vmdk and vpc volume✔ (NFS only)
Delete volume
Attach volume
Detach volume
Extend detached volume
Extend attached volume✔ (iSCSI only)✔ (iSCSI only)
Create snapshot
Delete snapshot
Revert to snapshot✔ (Pike and later)✔ (Pike and later)
Create volume from snapshot
Create volume from image
Clone volume
Create image from volume
Volume stats
Migrate volume
Storage assisted volume migration
Throttle for storage assisted volume migration
Retype volume
Volume replication
Consistency groups
Consistency groups capability to generic groups
iSCSI LUN Mapping
QoS (rate limit)
Volume multi-attach
Volume manage, unmanage and manageable-list
Snapshot manage, unmanage and manageable-list
Volume type extra specs
Image caching
Vendor capabilities support
TRIM/Discard support✔ (iSCSI only)✔ (iSCSI only)