NexentaStor Virtual Storage Appliance

OVA Deployment link for NexentaStor rapid deployment in a small, medium and large configuration via vCenter OVF Deployment:


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vCenter Plugin (HTML5)

NexentaStor 5.1.2+ vCenter Plugin for vSphere 6.7 U3

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vCenter Plugin (Flex)

NexentaStor 5.1+ vCenter Plugin for vSphere 6.5

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NexentaStor SRA for VMware SRM

NexentaStor 5.2 Storage Replication Adapter to discover and manage replicated SAN and NAS datastores, and to automate migration. Supported protocols: NFS/iSCSI/FC

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NexentaFusion Appliance

Deploy NexentaFusion as an OVF - centralized management and analytics for NexentaStor appliances

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